Sunday, February 5, 2006

Knowledge or Love?

Why should I always try to be the best?
To be the most smart – the most well-dressed
To know everything from present and past
So as to answer every question asked.

What makes me think I’m any better than you?
We’re all just humans, so we mustn’t confuse
Knowledge with love, and possessions with grace
We’re all just humans with the trials we face

I’m just a “normal” person – so please excuse
Me, if I don’t know such ‘important’ news
Such as why rhythm differs from tempo
And how many instruments are in a typical concerto

Who the Sino-Japanese war was between
And what on earth synthesis means,
Who painted ‘Still Life With Onions’
(Or that a sequence of three nucleotides is a ‘codon’)

Knowledge is a gift, a wonderful thing
But if it is placed over love, it is nothing
It is like a tinkling cymbal, a sounding glass
Who cares if you get to the head of your class?

If you don’t love your neighbor, and you love yourself more
You’re the only person you’ll have to answer for
So while you’re in school, strive to learn all you can
But never place its value over loving your fellowmen.

Pride is ugly, and intelligence, a joke
If we think it makes us better than any other folks.
Thank God for our minds, that can store information
But thank God for our hearts that can love His creations