Sunday, February 5, 2006

Mission Statement

We, as the body of Christ, are given the responsibility of evangelizing to the lost. It is also our responsibility to be worthy examples of the way true children of God are to conduct themselves.
Everything we do must also be aligned with and tested by the truth of His infallible Word.
It is then our duty to be Christ-like in every way – by reflecting His teachings in and through our thoughts, words, and deeds. All areas of our lives should indicate the forgiveness and grace He and He alone has imparted to us through His great sacrifice on the cross.

Finally, as Christians we must embrace these responsibilities happily and wholeheartedly, so as to make the lost around us aware of the ultimate joy that can only be obtained through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Summary:

Our Job as Christians: Being effective witnesses of our namesake, and putting ourselves in positions that would enable us to further facilitate the message of God’s love and forgiveness to those who are lost. It is also our duty to read God’s Word on a daily basis and strive to live by His laws alone and not by the laws of men.

Our Decisions as Christians: All future decisions we as Christians must make should be tested and made valid by God’s Word only. If the choices cross any spiritual boundaries, they should only be discarded.

Our Reward as Christians: We receive the fruits of our labor through the reward of living under God’s blessing.