Sunday, February 5, 2006

Point . Click . Message Forwarded (Or, The Trap of Chain Emailing)

(NOTE: This article is not in its entirety yet.)
Part 2.
I feel bad for anyone who falls victim to the annoying habit of chain emailing. What is it they say? Oh yes...if you read some long and sentimental message, make a wish, count to some random number, then quickly forward the same message to 15 of your friends your wish will come true within 24 hours. Does anybody really believe that? If you’re one of those people who passes those chain emails along…do you really think the person receiving it will read it? That’s only one part of it. Another issue to consider is: should Christian people really be passing around that nonsense about making wishes and having wishes come true?
I think that one of my biggest pet peeves in life is getting a chain email. Let's be honest with ourselves… they're just really really long, they don't make any sense, and do you honestly think that if you send it to 15 friends as quickly as possible, your wish will come true?
I mean, do you really? Really, really?
I didn’t think so.I’m sure anybody who writes emails checks their email with expectations of receiving a personal reply. It’s disappointing to find about fifteen forwards and nothing personal at all.