Saturday, June 3, 2006

Hard Life

I bet you think you have a rough life; a bad job. I have news for you: nothing can compare to mine. You could run a contest from East to West, North to South, and you won’t find a position more psychologically damaging, nerve-wracking, disobliging than mine.

How would you like to do nothing more than sit silent all day, having nothing more to stare at than the peevish, scowling, exasperated faces of those people to whom you are slave? How would you like people to shake you violently on occasion, mutter curses in your face, throw insults left and right, criticize you because you work fast, but not fast enough? Worst of all, you’re never given the chance to explain yourself!

It’s rare that I make a mistake, but sometimes I accidentally forget and take a rest while I’m helping someone with their work. I never thought it would make them so angry! But I tell you it’s not my fault! They expect me to do everything; so when do I get a break?

Finally, when the weight of everything I hold in my mind combines with the insults and scowls of those who use me to their advantage, I have to grumble a little. When I sigh and groan, people rush concernedly to me, and try to figure out what’s wrong.

For a moment, I feel special – but it doesn’t last for long. That’s when they shriek in outrage, “You STUPID COMPUTER! You lost all of my files! I can’t stand computers – they’re nothing but trouble.”

But, my friends, I know that you don’t agree with them.

You’re using me right now! Please, be kind. (And, remember to keep your mouth closed when you sit in front of me).

Author’s P.S. I’d just finished writing this story, and went to save it when the screen blanked and Microsoft Word shut down on me!


Ancilla said...

we are humans.
humans are hard to be satisfied...

if you feel not comfortable, then go and find the "right" one.

Jenn said...

Umm... not sure what that means.

T. Suzanne Eller said...

How fun. : )

Suzanne Eller

Anonymous said...

I laughed...

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »