Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Perfect Woman

There is a woman I greatly admire. In fact, I want to be just like her. Without alteration or reserve, I can say that she is my absolute role model, and I would like to dedicate this entry to her.

She's trustworthy, hardworking, and always willing to get down on her hands and knees to do rough or tedious work—she even gets up early to do it! She makes sure her family eats well and has proper clothes to wear. She's on top of all that goes on in her house and she keeps a strict schedule, never slacking off in her housework or childcare.

She's generous and thoughtful and never hesitates to share her resources with those less fortunate, though she exercises strict discretion in business transactions. She never squanders her money—in fact, once, after careful consideration, she even invested in some real estate that she transformed into a prospering business.

She's always building her strength: strength of character, strength of body (pushups anyone?), and strength of mind. Her life may be busy, but she remains dedicated to her husband, her children, and her occupation.

Her wardrobe is practical and stylish, and though she probably wouldn't like attention drawn to it, she's sewed every item herself. She's even designed and sewn clothes for a local retailer—that's how skilled she is!

She's like a walking dictionary, but that doesn’t make her lofty. She chooses her words carefully and only offers her two-cents when it's necessary. When I think of someone who really speaks the truth in love, I think of her.

She's a gentle companion to her husband, never belittling or ridiculing him, but being a gracious helpmeet, helping him sort through major decisions and offering her support or knowledge when it’s necessary. Because of this, he absolutely adores her...and tells her so! Even her kids thank her for their great upbringing because she's truly raised them with a firm and loving hand.

She'd never grace the cover of Glamour magazine or draw eyes in a crowd, but she possesses a beauty that can't be found in a bottle. It glows from within and totally radiates from her life. She may not be one of the most fun, popular women, but she's widely respected and loved by those who know her...and she loves them right back. But most of all, she loves Jesus with her heart, soul, and mind, and her life is an amazing testimony of what God can do in a redeemed heart.

"Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman that fears the Lord, she will be praised."