Saturday, October 6, 2007

Worth Waiting For

I want to be worth waiting for,
Lord, let me deserve my man
And whether I be rich or poor,
Give me strength of hands

I ask you for a smiling face
Pleasant as I grow old
I don’t ask for beauty outside
But for a heart of gold

Help my head be high,
And my thoughts be pure,
Give me peace of mind
And cleanliness of soul

A gentle spirit, God, that gives
When nothing’s to be found
That thinks not of itself, but lives
To wipe away a frown.

Let me believe the best of those
Who touch my life each day
And put regrets behind to know
This is the straight, the narrow way.

Though terror I may never choose
Guide me unfearful through the way
And help me see the things I lose
Are really blessings gained.

I want to be worth waiting for,
So help him patient be...
And if I’m worth it, Lord, I pray
You’ll help him know and see.