Saturday, October 6, 2007

Worth Waiting For

I want to be worth waiting for,
Lord, let me deserve my man
And whether I be rich or poor,
Give me strength of hands

I ask you for a smiling face
Pleasant as I grow old
I don’t ask for beauty outside
But for a heart of gold

Help my head be high,
And my thoughts be pure,
Give me peace of mind
And cleanliness of soul

A gentle spirit, God, that gives
When nothing’s to be found
That thinks not of itself, but lives
To wipe away a frown.

Let me believe the best of those
Who touch my life each day
And put regrets behind to know
This is the straight, the narrow way.

Though terror I may never choose
Guide me unfearful through the way
And help me see the things I lose
Are really blessings gained.

I want to be worth waiting for,
So help him patient be...
And if I’m worth it, Lord, I pray
You’ll help him know and see.


Natalie said...

I stumbled on your blog through the rebelution blog..... so you totally dont know who i am! i really enjoyed your writing and look forward to hearing from you if you are interested..... my blog is

Look forward to hearing from you!

Natalie said...

Hi again! I left a few comments for you on my blog...... when I was browsing you profile, I saw that you like rascal flatts and Martina McBride, both of which I saw this year!!! Martina was on the 4th of August and Rascal flatts was back in like april or may. I saw switchfoot with my bff last fall! anyway, long in short, you have excellent taste in music! also, Kutless is amazing, huh? They are my favorite christian band.......

Suzie Eller said...

Hey Jenn, We miss your writing on Real Teen Faith.

Hope to hear from you again,

Suzie Eller

Nick said...

Awesome, Jenn.

Katie said...

Amazing poem! Do I have your permission to print it out for a friend of mine?

Alex said...

Awesome poem. Now look who said they were no good at poetry!

Tania said...

Loved reading this. Came across your blog randomly, got stuck here reading, and had to add you to my favorites. Thanks Jen!

Kelsey said...

AMAZING POEM! I wrote it out in my scrapbook journal; thanks!