Friday, October 3, 2008

"I'm not God, I'm a Girl"

All Right Here
Sara Groves

It's every loss and every love
It's every blessing from above
Here I am, all added up
Oh, it's all right here

It's what I know, and what I'm guessing
Half truths, and full confessions
It's why I choose to learn my lessons
Oh, it's all right here

And I'm not God, I'm a girl - I confess
That I don't have a sea of forgetfulness
No, it's all right here
It makes me stronger, it makes me wince
Makes me think twice when I pick my friends
Oh, it's all right here
It's all right here

It's caution and curiosity
And it's all the things I never see
Welling up inside of me
Oh, it's all right here

It's what is best, and what is worse
It's how I see the universe
It's in every line and every verse
Oh, it's all right here

Every heart has so much history
It's my favorite place to start
Sit down a while and share your narative with me
I'm not afraid of who you are

I'm all here, and you're all there
Some of this is unique, and some of it we share
Add it up and start from there
Well, it's all right here


Nathan Jones said...

Shoooooooot, I didn't send this song. I WILL have it with me. VERY, VERY SORRY!!

Anonymous said...

i like it Jenn...thanks for posting

God bless you

Lil said...

it's just being us i i wish i could be what God want me to be..NOW..i have lots of flaws and imperfection as a person but i don't want "it" to be the unique part of me...i would like to start from here and then see myself from a distance doing what i ought to do...and seeing the bigger view of me BUT God has a bigger vision and that's what i wanted to see...the real me.

Kevin said...

Awesome song! SO glad your back on the radar, Jen!

Jeromy said...
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Katherine said...

Wow, what an awesome song!

J. said...

DK sent us this way to check it good, so good. Write more about the day camps experience, please. Our daughter-in-lawwas very interested to know more.

Chris said...

It's ALL right here, Jenn! :-)

Anonymous said...

ha haha no its not!

Josh said...

You should write some reviews and stuff like you did on your other blog because hey were good! I remember that's why I bought I choose You back in the dayy...thatwas a long time ago wasnit i!

Jenn Joshua said...

Oh yes! Do you ever do anything for PF these days?

Josh said...

No I haven't been in touch with Tom in ages. SHould, thouhg. it was a good idea!

Christy said...

hey i loooove this song!

Jeff said...

Great post title, btw!