Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Once upon a time, there lived two couples—both in search of the perfect place to live. As they entered their first prospective town, they came across an old man, whittling on his doorstep.

“What kind of town is this?” they asked the man. “Is it a nice place to live? What are the people like?”

He set down the wood he was whittling and squinted up at them. “That depends,” he said. “What kind of town are you moving from? What were those people like?”

“Oh, the people back there in our old town were terrible. All they ever did was gossip and complain. And they were constantly nosing into our business! I can’t wait to move and be rid of all of them.”

The old man studied them for a moment before picking up his project again. “I think you’ll find this town to be exactly the same,” he said.

Not long afterwards, the second couple approached the old man’s doorstep—their questions almost identical to the first couple’s: “What kind of town is this? Is it a nice place to live? What are the people like?”

“That depends,” the old man replied. “What kind of town are you moving from?”

“Oh, the people there were wonderful. You’ll never meet a more kind and loving bunch of people. They invested so much into our lives. We can hardly bear to leave them when we move.”

“Actually,” the old man said. “I think you’ll find this town to be astonishingly similar. It may take a week or two to get warmed up, but you’ll find these people to be quite open and good-hearted and loving too.”

* * * *

You know, I love this story, no matter how many times I’ve heard it (and its many variations) before. It really hits home! It’s hard to admit (but often quite true) that the people around us reflect our attitudes right back at us.

What kind of town do you live in?


Anonymous said...

excellent reminder

Kelly said...

I live in a town where people are always putting themselves first. :o(

Randy said...