Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm not even close to being done with my Christmas shopping.  And Christmas is in 1, 2, 3....4 days?  Not possible.  I remember feeling proud in September when I knocked the first few items off my list.  Obviously, that wasn't a trend.

Despite the snow, someone needs to take a shopping trip.  Soon.  I felt pro-active when I ordered something online a few days ago -- until I realized how long shipping takes.  Maybe it will be here before the new year?

A couple days ago, I heard myself starting into the, "Christmas isn't about gift-giving anyway" rant, but I think it was just to make myself feel better.  I think we all know the true meaning of Christmas, but the fact remains: gift-giving is a neat tradition -- and it's more blessed to give than to receive.  The gift doesn't need to be costly or phenomenal, but it should be thoughtful and individualized.  (Granted, it's fine to buy your coworkers the same soy candle, but maybe your family would prefer something more suited to their individual tastes.)

It's neat: the better you know someone, the more thoughtful you can be with the gift.  Just because all my shopping is going to be last-minute, doesn't mean I need to sacrifice the personal touch.

I don't know.  Am I alone?  Does anyone else have shopping left to do?


Deb (from RTF!) said...

I don't have any shopping left. I finished my shopping yesterday (Sunday). But I am waiting on a certain package to arrive (just that last elusive gift!). I paid an obscene amount of money for shipping so it'd better arrive before Christmas. :)

Hoping you'll get your Christmas shopping done soon,


Nick said...

Good luck. Last minute shopping is mad. The MOA is mobbed - tried to brave it today and barely left alive. Screw the sales - safety is more important, LOL.

Thankfully, only one more thing on my list for the kiddos. They're neat. When I asked them what they wanted they made me a list with three items-

1. A wagon
2. A remote-control truck
3. No more oatmeal for breakfast.

Haha. I also dig the fact that they never ask for two of something. They good at the whole sharing thing.


Jenn Joshua said...

Hey Deb!

Oh, isn't shipping awful?! Online shopping is convenient as far as mob-avoidance goes (and comparison-shopping is much easier that way too), but the shipping? Ouch!

Jenn Joshua said...


Is that the Mall of America? Haha, your kids sound really cute. And I'm with them on the whole oatmeal thing - blech!

Also, I think I spoke too soon! A couple hours after I posted this, my package came in the mail. Hooray!


Anønymøus said...

The things I ordered finally came in. Unfortunately I can't send all the gifts I want to this year.

Anyone have any idea what a twenty-digit number might represent? Like, a tracking number or something?

Nick said...

Hey dude- some kind of a coupon number maybe? I think a lot of product keys [MS Office etc.] are twenty-digits as well.

It could be any variety of codes as well- even a mathematical problem w/o symbols. ID numbers are also twenty-dig, I think. What was the context?


Chad said...

i just need to get one more thing for my gf. she really wants a dog but i hate chiwawas. im giving her a mag subscription and then a new set of kitchen dishes and some silicone utenslis.

Katherine said...

A twenty digit number? Like Nick said, it really depends on the context. It might be a simple product code or two phone numbers strung together or maybe route numbers without spaces.

Thankfully I got all my Cmas shopping out of the way this summer! I went on a cruise to the Carribean and bought almost everything there. ;o)

bondChristian said...

Yep, I started and finished today. That's a record for me, both in started latest and finishing in only one day. I'm geekin' out about it. :>)

Just goes to show what you can do when you set your mind to it... and more importantly, when you have a plan.

Like you said, though, I wouldn't suggest waiting this long.

-Marshall Jones Jr.

Jenn Joshua said...


Hey! (Sorry, I can't think of you without saying that now.)

Wow - that's impressive. How large is your family/how many people did you have to shop for? There are 9 people in my immediate family, so that makes shopping....interesting.

I think I'll finish up with it tomorrow....maybe. :-)