Friday, January 1, 2010

A Fresh Start.

Happy 2010!  I’ve looked forward to this new year for some time now.  2009 wasn’t the best year of my life, by any means, but it was a year of growth—in countless ways.   I can see that already.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be in a reflective mood when the clock turned and ushered in a new decade.  There’s so much I’d love to remember, but it's all so tinged with grief and regret, I figure it isn’t really worth reminiscing over.

I’m ready to turn the page.  So far, I’m more excited about this coming year than I have been about any other new year in the past.  I know the Lord has so many great things in store and I’m eager for change.

Years like 2009 were necessary years: years designed to shape and prepare me for things to come.  I don’t need to remember everything.  Certain events are better off buried right where they collapsed, but what the Lord taught me?  It should be shouted from the rooftops.

There’s a verse I’m using as a benediction over 2009.  In Exodus, the Lord says,

“Build altars in the places
where I remind you who I am
and I will come
and bless you there.”

Even in the midst of heartbreak and turmoil, the Lord showed me His protection and love.  The lessons He taught me were by no means easy, but in every instance, He gently reminded me who He was—and who I wasn’t.

He is the Savior who does all things well.  The God who never sleeps.  The Friend who sticks closer than a brother.  The One who loves me with a jealous love.  The Author and Finisher of my faith.  El Shaddai, Adonai, Jehovah Jirah.

And I am nothing without Him.

So, instead of begging for a memory charm to forget 2009, I will build an altar in my mind—in all the places where my Savior revealed Himself to me—and beg Him to bless me there.  Ask Him to redeem lost time.  Ask Him to restore brokenness.  Ask Him to turn regret into peace.

Maybe 2009 was a good year for you.  Perhaps it’s 2010 you’re dreading.  Either way, remind yourself that the Lord sends both good times and bad—and through it all, reminds you of who He is.  “I will come and bless you there.”  His ways are not our ways.  What a comfort that is!

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?


Jeff said...

Wow that's a really inspiring post! Thanks for your insight and for being vulnerable with your experiences. You've blessed more lives than you could ever know.

Nick said...

Thx. This is awesome.

Jessie said...

That's really neat. I wish my church did that!

Jenn Joshua said...

Thanks, guys!

Justin Scott said...

I make it a tradition to clean my office and my closet on the 1st of the year. I'm bordering on neat-freakishness but those two areas never seem to get attention. Its amazing what a real difference it makes to clean those two spots.I feel like I can conquer anything when I'm done lol!

Mandy Maria said...

2009 was a tough year for me too, tough in the sense that I thought 2010 would be spent planning my wedding, but I had the sense to break off that relationship. I love the verse you picked and look forward to what this year Will Be not what Could Have Been.