Thursday, January 21, 2010


Apparently, where I saved on my ticket, I was hit by the vaccines.  Ahh!  But thankfully, I was able to get them done this morning (except for one follow-up shot I'm getting the day before I fly out). The whole operation cost far more than I expected it to -- but that's okay.  It's all going to even out in the end.

I decided to start a Kenya scrapbook with all my receipts and pictures and papers and journal entries and other et cetera I acquire along the way.  Those are the kinds of things that won't have a place in my book, but I know I'll still want to hold on to them for memory's sake.  (No, I'm not being a pack rat.  I have a good use for everything -- and a place to put it.  See?  Ahem.)

Passport down.  Shots down.  Ticket, pending.  I really am going to Kenya.  Eeee!!


bondChristian said...

So exciting! The trip that is... not the shots.

-Marshall Jones Jr.

Nick said...

Your enthusiasm is encouraging- when are you're travel dates again?

LOL @ the shots. Reminds me of what you said before about needles. ;) But besides the insane cost, is there anyone out there who actually enjoys 'em? When I took my kiddos the other week I thought I musta accidentally told them they were going to be beheaded. They screamed and cried like I'd never seen before. Then the nurse said "Okay, we're done!" and they're like "You did it already?" LOL.

Good luck with the trip. Looking forward to updates.


JR said...

what shots do u need 4 kenya? i went to zimbabwe and needed like ten which was really expensive. :(

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Justin Scott said...

Everyone seems to think the medical field is out to either rob or mortally wound them. It ain't so! Ftr, when I give shots, I'm very nice LOL.