Friday, February 12, 2010

I Fit Inside My Suitcase.

I'm leaving for Kenya in just 12 days!  I can't believe it!  My plane flies out exactly one year and ten days (almost to the minute!) after I first heard about the opportunity.  How's that for a fabulous, God-ordained coincidence??

I have all of my luggage now.  Besides my carry-on allowances, I am now the proud owner of a big, red Samsonite suitcase and two MASSIVE black duffel bags. I can comfortably curl up inside any of them -- that's how big they are!  ( small I am.  I don't know.)

Buying them was fairly painless.  (Key word being "fairly".)  But packing?  Not so much.  I'm going to be relying heavily on the bathroom scale when it comes to making sure I don't exceed the airline's weight restrictions.  It's going to be hard.  At this point, my packing list alone could probably fill the first suitcase!

For real, when I first saw the weight restrictions, I wished for an Undetectable Extension charm on all three suitcases, but then realized the weight would stay the same....  (Or wouldn't it?  Muggle, muggle head.)

But all magic aside, I think I came up with a reasonable method for weighing my bags beforehand:

1. Weigh self on bathroom scale.
2. Take note of weight.
3. Weigh self on bathroom scale again -- with suitcase/duffel in hand.
4. Subtract current reading from previous reading.
5. Unload suitcase and repack, leaving "most expendable" items aside.
6. Repeat.

Oh and P.S. The words "most expendable" being written in conjunction with my stuff....give me a great big knot in my stomach.  Just so you know.  (Note to self: work on this.)

But hey.  I'm going to Kenya!!  In two weeks!!  Sheesh, I'd probably travel in a suitcase if I had to!

(Oh, but wait.  I would exceed the weight limit.  Bleh.)


Ken said...

I LOLed through this post. Be blessed on your trip, Jen!

Anonymous said...

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Jared said...

Wow that's must be some heavy duty luggage hehe. Isn't there a size limit on bags to? God's best to you in Kenya

Sherri said...

You fit inside your suitcases? Wow! I'm too tall, I think. :)

As far as weighing my bags when I flew I was lucky. I had a friend with a digitial industrial-size scale at his work and he let me us that to get an accurate reading.

I'm sure your bags will be fine though. It always seems like a lot of stuff to take but all together, it doesn't really weight that much unless you're taking alot of gifts for the kids (or liquids).

Good luck in Kenya!

Sherri said...
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The Guptas said...

I would just remember that you can do laundry there. Take 7 to 10 days worth of clothes, things that wash and wear well, clothes you could easily hand wash in a bathroom sink if necessary. Only take a couple (that means two - ha ha) pairs of sturdy sandals (something where your toes are somewhat enclosed and they won't slide off of your feet - Teva's for example). Every time I have traveled overseas, I try to remember it's about practicality & not drawing attention to myself vs. fashion. You are probably going to feel "dustier" than you are used to but it's all part of the experience. Have a great time!

bondChrstian said...

Yeah, Jenn, this reminds me of It's a Wonderful Life. He wants a "big bag... big bag." And then he finds out someone's already purchased it for him.

-Marshall Jones Jr.

Jackline said...

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